Bank Street Irma Black Honor

How The Cookie Crumbled received an Irma Black Honor from Bank Street College last Thursday. Tara Lazar’s 7ate9 was the big winner. Here are the Cooke Prize and Irma Black honorees.

Every person being honored had to make a speech and it was televised on kidlit tv! Somehow the televised part had slipped my mind or else I would have worn a tie. The polo was for the classroom visit I had been asked to do.

After the awards ceremony, the book signing, and lunch, I was asked to doodle on a wall in the Bank Street Library, so I drew a man walking my dog. I wish I had thought to photograph all the illustrators’ work that is also on the walls there.

At the end of the day, I visited a class and gave a short presentation on both the writing and illustrating processes for How The Cookie Crumbled. Then I read the book, drew, and answered questions.

A nice day was had by all at Bank Street College 🙂

Photo credit for awards ceremony goes to Cheryl Simon